Desserts Galore! – Icon Set

The last two weeks, I have spent time developing, designing, planning, and creating an icon set for my COMM 130 Visual Media class. These icons were meant to be consistently designed, causing them to go together and flow well with a theme.

Icon credit: Jayda Skidmore (me)


Overall Explanation

For this project, I used Adobe Illustrator to create a set of 5 icons. Each icon is my own original work, consistently designed to convey the single message of desserts for a faux dessert business I created.

Design Analysis

Designing these icons was a bit of a struggle. I went back and forth between several different ideas, and ultimately went with desserts because I sure to love sugary goodness! I knew that I could pull each icon together in a single message with things like color, size, and theme. I attempted to use at least 1 similar color in each of the icons so that they would go well together, and tried to make each one unique and different – even the cookies.

Target Audience

I decided to focus mostly on young adults (ages 18-29) living in New York City (which is where I imagined my faux business to be based). I imagined there would be more girls I would be appealing to, but who doesn’t love dessert?! Based on this prime target audience, I knew I needed to have icons that popped – not something that would blend into the page. That’s why I chose brighter colors.

How My Design Decisions Enhance My Icons

Ultimately, each person can decide for themselves whether or not they like an icon. Each person has unique taste, and that’s one thing I love about art. However, I feel that, for the most part, my design would appeal to the masses of my chosen target audience because of the focus I put on being simple yet unique enough to catch someone’s eye. I wanted to make sure the colors popped, and that each icon went with the next


This icon project was one I definitely enjoyed, even though I generally struggle with icons and similar things (like logos). I feel much more comfortable with bigger designs, such as spreadsheets, so it was nice getting out of my comfort zone!


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