B250 Weekly Reflections – Week Nine

This week in my B250 Web Business Creation class, we focused on determining our Return On Investment (ROI) and on looking into our ad performance. Along with this, we looked into starting project #4, and our google adwords campaigns were officially started!

For the first part of the lesson, we started our adwords campaigns, and we had to read these articles to learn more about Return On Investment (ROI):

We also had to work on inserting conversion javascript code into a confirmation page on our website that would track when we got conversions, but because I’m following the affiliate model this became tricky. This is what I put on the discussion board:

So, I figured out how to setup the actual conversion tracking code within Google Adwords. I went to Google Adwords, clicked “Tools” on the navigation bar which led to a drop down menu, and then I clicked Conversions. Then I clicked the orange “+Conversion” button, which led to a page that I had to fill out. Once I filled it out and submitted it, I was given the ability to copy and paste my tag installation javascript code.

However, then I run into the problem of being an affiliate business model through Amazon. Has anyone figured out the best way to track conversions if you’re an affiliate model business owner? Obviously the conversion itself doesn’t happen on my site when this happens, so where do I insert my code? I’ve been researching, and haven’t found a simple solution yet.

UPDATE: I found a spot on my amazon affiliate account where I can track reports/sales from my affiliate links (currently at $0.00 haha) but I don’t see an option to import this into google adwords. I’ve read a few blogposts that state that you may have to enter the data in manually. Has anyone found a way around this?


We also had to work on optimizing our ad performance by looking at keywords and ads and whether or not they were worth running/using.


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